Influence modification of the city water of Waterloo on your dishwasher.

Influence modification of the city water of Waterloo on your dishwasher.

Dear friends, prospects and customers,
The more we develop communication possibilities, the less we are informed in advance.
Our water distributor in Waterloo modified the water supply by changing the source.
The water that will be distribute will have a hardness of 17.7 degrees French at Joli-bois.
Enter the site
Going down on the part dedicated to water, follow with your mouse “drinking water” > “water quality” >

“quality of your water”, you will find there

all the known parameters accompanied by the sheet of the water distributed.
A new dishwasher has a softener set to medium so with 17.7 water hardness it should be set to 3 or 2

because 4 is medium and 5.6.7 is hard water.

 To proceed with this modification of injection regulated by electronics, it is therefore necessary to know

the hardness of the water in the place where you live.

This procedure is described in the instruction manual for your dishwasher, but since almost no one reads their manual, sellers of new machines
do not inform their customers of this need and the fitters of fitted kitchens do not do it either.
Once set, the dishwasher will consume the amount of salt depending on the water dispensed and the

setting of the dishwasher.

If the softener is not correctly adjusted, a deposit of tartre (calcium carbonate + magnesium) thermally

insulates the resistance which is destroyed.

So the salt injection setting is essential because the life of the dishwasher depends on it.
A dishwasher whose salt container does not contain salt is a self-destructing water softener. Even

if you have a water softener that treats your distributed water

at home, the salt tank must always contain a minimum of salt.
If the home softener is well regulated, you must put salt in the dishwasher and set it to medium or four

and put salt in it to keep its effectiveness.

It will consume a minimum of salt and must be refilled when the light comes on.
Warning: if you notice that the water supplied after the work is dirty and brown, once it has become

clear, clean the water inlet filters of your

dishwashers and washing machines because these impurities reduce the flow of water for your machines.
Best regards,
Guy Becelaere

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