Voltage surcharge: 220V.-230V. versus 230-240V.New EU specifications!

Voltage surcharge: 220V.-230V. versus 230-240V.New EU specifications!

Dear customers,
As  experimented technician for home appliances, for several years already, I was  wonderinged why

so many machines have

their power card which was faulty.
When going to fix a machine in a neighboring village, I measured the input voltage of the broken down machine and the voltage
was 254 Volt. Far above the normal usual voltage.
After investigations, we find out that this power surge mainly comes from people who have solar

panel and who (are on-grid)

and are injecting there produced curent by their solar cells in the grid.
When an inverter is to be approved,  the technician measures by computer, the maximum current

level that must be

re-injected into the network in order not to increase  the available voltage on the network too much. But cheaters are modifiyng
this setting.The teller counter runs the most possible reverse and that is how they disturb all the

voltage in the neighberhood.

So if you have household appliances  are 220-230 V you have a maximum chance that your internal


of your appliance will be the victim of a power surge!
Even with a machine that accepts 220V-240V you can be a victim.
Be aware that the new standards in Europe are 220-240 Volt.
Conclusion, soon it will be rebate sales and if you are in the situation of having to buy a new machine,
require from the seller that the machine has 220V-240V as working voltage and if it indicates

220-230V on the sticker on the back

refuse to buy it. Do this before paying, because to get your money back, you will know the problem.
Next advice how to avoid this power surge will be explained in our next helpfull tips end January 2023
Best regards

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