Overvoltage: Tome 2

Overvoltage: Tome 2

Hello dear customer,
Protect yourself from overvoltages: it is not possible.

On a regularly base, measure the voltage with a multimeter in the outlets in your home. Be careful, do not always do it at the same times because, depending on the time of day due to high or low consumption  voltage can vary greatly.
If overvoltage: ask your electricity dispatcher to adjust the voltage in his cabin.

If you experience a power surge, ask the technician to confirm it on a document.
Don’t try to get a compensation from your electricity company, because they are great people who do everything perfectly.

Only solution :

Contact your home fire insurance company.
Send them a letter explaining the situation and attach the technician’s certificate indicating that there has been a power surge because the internal regulation has blown out as well as the fuse resistors.
You must also send them the purchase invoice for your machine. All of this can be sent by email or post.
So based on your purchase invoice, they deduct the age and refund you “peanuts”.
Most factory techs will tell you that a new board will cost at least € 200 or that the machine is too old to be repaired.
So you understand that everything is well arranged to force you to buy a new machine!

The only solution is to have your card repaired by a repair service that charges reasonable prices.

In this situation, if it is a 220-230 Volt machine, you are not safe from another power surge.
Even in the case of a 220-240 Volt machine meeting the new standards, you are not immune because I often measure more than 240 V.
So the only real solution to protect yourself from overvoltages is to be OFF-Grid (not connected to the network) with a well-regulated power station. Remember that we announced in Volume 1 that from September 2023, if delivery times are respected, you can buy a 10 KWH peak rechargeable solar generator.
So let power distributors provide the voltage peanuts you need in your home for LED lighting and other applications that don’t require well-regulated voltage.
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