New spare Parts on stock
in Waterloo. You can pick
them up but they can be sent
to BeNelux & France
but also to whole Europe once
the transport costs will be
be adapted

New spare parts for sale on-line:
parts for household appliances,
cables, connectors,
shipped directly to you
but only to BeLux

RE-Emploi spare parts
in stock at Waterloo
picked up or shipped to
BeNeLux & France
but also in whole
Europe after a
port price adjustment

NEW photovoltaic equipment
charge & discharge regulators,
inverters, cables
& connectors, batteries
special rechargeable
solar etc. only
deliverable to BeLux & France

Rechargeable batteries for
cycles and electrical tools:
reconditioning & renewal
rechargeable cells &
electronic control for
charging and discharging,
deliverable all over Europe

NEW electronic components
rectifiers, resistors, C.I., capacitors
deliverable in Europe by small
quantities in suitable packaging
to the quantity ordered

New Multimedia
memory modules, towers,
hard drives, power,
CD players, speakers
keyboards, sound and video cards,
cameras, etc.
deliverable all over Europe

General electricity RE-EMPLOYMENT
fuses, fuse holder,
circuit breakers, RCDs,
rail timers
remote control switches etc.,
carried away but also
available in
whole  Europe

Repairing is good, but there is better, it is repairing with second hand parts, it is good for the wallet and it is very very good for our planet.
Waterloopartselectro is your distributor of second hand and brand new electro parts online. Take advantage of our numerous years of experience with our repair home service.

30 years of experience

Environmentally friendly and economical

Products tested and cleaned