Actuality September 2022.

Actuality September 2022.

Dear customers and visitors,

We hope that you had a nice holiday and that you are well equipped to carry out quality work in the coming months.
We thank you for your many visits and can inform you that we have received a total of 33726 visits since the redesign of the current site last year.
Under the parts for reuse, all brands are ready to be displayed on the site, but please note that there is a new way to present them to you in the coming weeks.

For new parts:
These are the novelties for which you can contact us:
Alternative shaving head suitable for Braun 40B / 40S as an alternative part.
Screens for Samsung smartwatches.
Wi-FI 6 repeaters now in stock. So after ordering on our site and receipt of your payment, the delivery will be delivered to you in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 24 hours after receipt of payment.
It depends on the banks whose service is currently very poor.
Original and replacement remote controls for the air conditioning are also available.

In terms of reuse, we took the opportunity during your vacation to prepare many new items for you, in new parts and in reuse parts.

Guy Becelaere

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