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By expanding the catalogue of 3D printing part monthly, we hope that you can refurbish or let refurbish your old devices because the manufacturer of it has not produced enough spare parts. Currently there are 5 3D printed parts available.   To see them: Close this page. Simply enter “3D printing parts” in the search box of our new parts catalogue with a blue background and they will be presented to you.

Overvoltage: Tome 2

Hello dear customer,
Protect yourself from overvoltages: it is not possible.

On a regularly base, measure the voltage with a multimeter in the outlets in your home. Be careful, do not always do it at the same times because, depending on the time of day due to high or low consumption  voltage can vary greatly.
If overvoltage: ask your electricity dispatcher to adjust the voltage in his cabin.

If you experience a power surge, ask the technician to confirm it on a document.
Don’t try to get a compensation from your electricity company, because they are great people who do everything perfectly.

Only solution :

Contact your home fire insurance company.
Send them a letter explaining the situation and attach the technician’s certificate indicating that there has been a power surge because the internal regulation has blown out as well as the fuse resistors.
You must also send them the purchase invoice for your machine. All of this can be sent by email or post.
So based on your purchase invoice, they deduct the age and refund you “peanuts”.
Most factory techs will tell you that a new board will cost at least € 200 or that the machine is too old to be repaired.
So you understand that everything is well arranged to force you to buy a new machine!

The only solution is to have your card repaired by a repair service that charges reasonable prices.

In this situation, if it is a 220-230 Volt machine, you are not safe from another power surge.
Even in the case of a 220-240 Volt machine meeting the new standards, you are not immune because I often measure more than 240 V.
So the only real solution to protect yourself from overvoltages is to be OFF-Grid (not connected to the network) with a well-regulated power station. Remember that we announced in Volume 1 that from September 2023, if delivery times are respected, you can buy a 10 KWH peak rechargeable solar generator.
So let power distributors provide the voltage peanuts you need in your home for LED lighting and other applications that don’t require well-regulated voltage.
Best regards

Thank you for your visit. Since the renovation of our site, we have received more than 40,000 visits

Voltage surcharge: 220V.-230V. versus 230-240V.New EU specifications!

Dear customers,
As  experimented technician for home appliances, for several years already, I was  wonderinged why so many machines have
their power card which was faulty.
When going to fix a machine in a neighboring village, I measured the input voltage of the broken down machine and the voltage
was 254 Volt. Far above the normal usual voltage.
After investigations, we find out that this power surge mainly comes from people who have solar panel and who (are on-grid)
and are injecting there produced curent by their solar cells in the grid.
When an inverter is to be approved,  the technician measures by computer, the maximum current level that must be
re-injected into the network in order not to increase  the available voltage on the network too much. But cheaters are modifiyng
this setting.The teller counter runs the most possible reverse and that is how they disturb all the voltage in the neighberhood.
So if you have household appliances  are 220-230 V you have a maximum chance that your internal regulation
of your appliance will be the victim of a power surge!
Even with a machine that accepts 220V-240V you can be a victim.
Be aware that the new standards in Europe are 220-240 Volt.
Conclusion, soon it will be rebate sales and if you are in the situation of having to buy a new machine,
require from the seller that the machine has 220V-240V as working voltage and if it indicates 220-230V on the sticker on the back
refuse to buy it. Do this before paying, because to get your money back, you will know the problem.
Next advice how to avoid this power surge will be explained in our next helpfull tips end January 2023
Best regards

Think smart electrical rechargable generator On-Grid or Of-Grid ?

For 2023, consider electric generator rechargeable by solar cells or/and 220V sector.
Now available: 0,1 KWH, 0,2KWH , 0,3 KWH, 0,5 KWH, 1KWH, 2KWH, 3KWH, 220 V pure sinus  wave, rechargeable with solar photovoltaïc panels and 220V local grid.
 Think OF-grid instead of being trapped by On-grid.
                                                       Starting from end 2023 a generator 5KWH (10KWH max.) output 220V. 50Hz will be available
                                                                                   for specifications:

For 2023, consider electric and rechargeable generators.
Now available: 100W., 200W., 300 W.; 500 W., 1KWH, 2KW, 3KW,220 V. pur sinus rechargeable with solar photovoltaïc panels and 220V local grid.
   So think of-grid instead of being trapped by on-grid.
 At the end od 2023 the solar generator of 5KW (10KW max.) will be available.

Influence modification of the city water of Waterloo on your dishwasher.

Dear friends, prospects and customers,
The more we develop communication possibilities, the less we are informed in advance.
Our water distributor in Waterloo modified the water supply by changing the source.
The water that will be distribute will have a hardness of 17.7 degrees French at Joli-bois.
Enter the site
Going down on the part dedicated to water, follow with your mouse "drinking water" > "water quality" > "quality of your water", you will find there
all the known parameters accompanied by the sheet of the water distributed.
A new dishwasher has a softener set to medium so with 17.7 water hardness it should be set to 3 or 2 because 4 is medium and 5.6.7 is hard water.
 To proceed with this modification of injection regulated by electronics, it is therefore necessary to know the hardness of the water in the place where you live.
This procedure is described in the instruction manual for your dishwasher, but since almost no one reads their manual, sellers of new machines
do not inform their customers of this need and the fitters of fitted kitchens do not do it either.
Once set, the dishwasher will consume the amount of salt depending on the water dispensed and the setting of the dishwasher.
If the softener is not correctly adjusted, a deposit of tartre (calcium carbonate + magnesium) thermally insulates the resistance which is destroyed.
So the salt injection setting is essential because the life of the dishwasher depends on it.
A dishwasher whose salt container does not contain salt is a self-destructing water softener. Even if you have a water softener that treats your distributed water
at home, the salt tank must always contain a minimum of salt.
If the home softener is well regulated, you must put salt in the dishwasher and set it to medium or four and put salt in it to keep its effectiveness.
It will consume a minimum of salt and must be refilled when the light comes on.
Warning: if you notice that the water supplied after the work is dirty and brown, once it has become clear, clean the water inlet filters of your
dishwashers and washing machines because these impurities reduce the flow of water for your machines.
Best regards,
Guy Becelaere

Your payment and delivery options via

Dear customer and visitors, Starting from  04 October 2022, you have three possibilities to have your parts delivered to your home. They are: 1) you come, if the part is in stock in Waterloo, collect it from us and pay for it by transfer or bank transfer! 2) the part is not in stock with us, so you pay for it and to avoid a return to us, we ship it to you by drop shipping! 3) you order by E-shop, you pay on the site and you receive your order at home 24 to 48 hours after our account has been credited. Given the changes that will be happen at Bpost, as soon as their new features apply, we will inform you of the terms of payment and execution of these new features. If some questions remain unanswered, do not hesitate to contact us by email: Best regards and thank you Guy Becelaere

Actuality September 2022.

Dear customers and visitors, We hope that you had a nice holiday and that you are well equipped to carry out quality work in the coming months. We thank you for your many visits and can inform you that we have received a total of 33726 visits since the redesign of the current site last year. Under the parts for reuse, all brands are ready to be displayed on the site, but please note that there is a new way to present them to you in the coming weeks. For new parts: These are the novelties for which you can contact us: Alternative shaving head suitable for Braun 40B / 40S as an alternative part. Screens for Samsung smartwatches. Wi-FI 6 repeaters now in stock. So after ordering on our site and receipt of your payment, the delivery will be delivered to you in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 24 hours after receipt of payment. It depends on the banks whose service is currently very poor. Original and replacement remote controls for the air conditioning are also available. In terms of reuse, we took the opportunity during your vacation to prepare many new items for you, in new parts and in reuse parts. Regards, Guy Becelaere