Here we go again until 03-05-20 minimum. This is mainly due to the curve of hospitalized people which does not go down fast enough due mainly  to people who do not follow the confinement instructions enough.

At the same time, we invite you to place your orders for parts and accessories for household appliances on our E-Shop site:

Order on the site and pay, as soon as the account is credited, your order will be shipped for delivery in Belgium at the latest 48 hours after receipt of your payment.

Key words to use when searching for new or re-used parts are:

For large appliances:

V and W belts, door security, drain pump, cycling pump, solenoid valves, pressure sensors, thermostats, CTN, flow meter, power card, timer, door lock, shock absorbers, porthole, porthole sleeve, hoses, hose water inlet, drain hose, seals, door handles.

For small appliances:

Accessories, vacuum cleaner filter, motor filter, vacuum cleaner hose, cable reel, power board,

For multimedia; original or reconditioned ink cartridges.

For athletes on an electric bicycle: factory reconditioning of the batteries.

Rechargeable batteries for work tools: Li-Ion etc.

Solar: photovoltaic panels, connections, charge and discharge regulators, rechargeable solar batteries, etc.

Components: transistors, diodes, capacitors, resistors, triac, ICS, fuses

General electricity: automatic fuses,  timer, differentials

Take advantage of this period of confinement to get used to have the reflex for ordering online as this will help to reduce air pollution and unnecessary traffic jams and this even after  this confinement period.

Best regards

Guy Becelaere


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