Spare part available for reuse!

Spare part available for reuse!

For reuse, we have a cyclage motor available for Bosch-Siemens dishwascher at a price with 68% lower than a new one.

Please check in reuse parts shop dischwascher Bosch-Siemens.

There is only one cyclage set available at that price.


Pollution, inflation and waste,

Following Covid-19, war in Europe and our wasteful society, the time has come to think about how to deal with high inflation and to take measures to reduce costs to the extent or via deliveries to you by orders placed via the Interne. All of this is currently perfectly possible.


By giving you the opportunity to acquire new parts via our site delivered home, this greatly reduces pollution because have you already calculated how much a trip by car really cost to acquire a part  often is not stock and you have to pick up when it arrives, It makes a total of 2 trips by car, plus the time wasted to get to the store and especially the kilometers traveled unnecessarily to find a parking space which often has to be paid for ! A new part delivered home at the price of €7.25 postage is more economical than running to the store.


A fortiori if you have the possibility of acquiring reuse parts with + – 50% price reduction, it is clear that there is no doubt and  this  largely contributes to countering the price increases that we are currently experiencing. This is why we have created  bringing together under one site new parts and reused parts at a reduced price. Please think about it and act accordingly for the future of our planet and your wallet.


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