News and information on the site

Dear customers and prospects,

For many years, you have consulted us and placed orders for delivery in Belgium. Thank you.

You placed orders through our site “”

This site has become: and includes several new features.

1) Spare parts delivered direct from the wholesaler to you.

2) New parts in stock in Waterloo. Either you can pick them up or we can proceed with the shipment of them.

3) Novelty: Re-employment spare parts only available from our tock in Waterloo. Either you can pick them up or we can ship them to you . You have the choice.

4) Novelty: a complete assortment of solar applications, panels and solar inverters as well as specific hardware for their fixing and connections. Application:  intended for camping, caravanning and for “off grid” or connected solar panels.

Solar: For hikers, on the site in the solar part, we offer you very powerful flashlights with 7 possibilities as applications. In these flashlights, solar panels are incorporated for recharging  the batteries.

Go and read in the solar part of our site the general catalogue. It is very informative.


In accordance with the new laws, we have so far stopped sending you emails about this. We still have all your email addresses but we hope to receive from you a small email with the mention “read”. Following your email agreement, we will send you information by e-mail.

In parentheses: a large European institution forbids us to send you emails to let us know our website but it is unable to prohibit the stuffing of our paper mailboxes  concerning sales proposals from large commercial organizations.

There would be two weights and two different units of measurement.

Thank you for sending us an e-mail of your own accord with the mention read at: with mention in subject ”read”

Sincerely and see you soon for more information on “news” in our homepage.

Guy Becelaere