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Dear clients, The convalescence of our technical service is continuing but is still not satisfactory in terms of oxygenation to resume an activity as before October 28, 2020, the date of the contamination. The activity will remain in a reduced  speed given also to the age of the person. However, we remain active in the household appliance market by focusing our energy on the active development of our site which presents the following possibilities: Sale by e-shop of new parts for household appliances and small household appliances, hi-fi, T.V., Multimedia as well as ink cartridges for printers. Listing all the spare parts we can deliver is not possible on this page but visit our  web site. All these parts can be delivered directly to you after payment by bank and expedition is made no later than 48 hours after receipt of payment. Delivery is made throughout Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as the site is published in Dutch, English and obviously in French. New: sale of reused household spare part and general electrical parts for reuse. as well as New electronic components. All the parts displayed  in the grey back ground page Web site are  in stock and are therefore deliverable to you with traceability of your order. For the next two weeks, we would like to draw your attention to the possibility of delivering the following parts and brands to you to order via and

  For household appliances: Smeg Dishwasher:

Washing propellers for dishwashers.

Aeration parts for the Candy / Hoover brand:

Pipes and aeration pipe.

Whirlpool dishwasher cutlery baskets.

Parts and accessories of the Brand "VESTEL".

For multimedia: Ink and toner cartridges for:

Canon and HP: for inkjet printers.

Brother and HP: for laser printers.

  For power supplies - Ics-integrated circuit:

LNK305GN: offline switch Art. Nr. 2986890.

LNK304GN: offline switch Art. Nr. 2986886.

LNK304PN: offline switch Art. Nr. 2744926.


Braun razor blades.

To see more shaving blades, they are detailed in our online store by device type. Click on the first page with a blue background and fill in the large rectangle which will give you access to what you want to order. The second page with grey background concerns all the re-used parts. Exception: in this page you will also see New components for electronics. Thank you for your visits, your orders and your comments. Yours truly G.B.