Actuality September 2022.

Dear customers and visitors, We hope that you had a nice holiday and that you are well equipped to carry out quality work in the coming months. We thank you for your many visits and can inform you that we have received a total of 33726 visits since the redesign of the current site last year. Under the parts for reuse, all brands are ready to be displayed on the site, but please note that there is a new way to present them to you in the coming weeks. For new parts: These are the novelties for which you can contact us: Alternative shaving head suitable for Braun 40B / 40S as an alternative part. Screens for Samsung smartwatches. Wi-FI 6 repeaters now in stock. So after ordering on our site and receipt of your payment, the delivery will be delivered to you in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 24 hours after receipt of payment. It depends on the banks whose service is currently very poor. Original and replacement remote controls for the air conditioning are also available. In terms of reuse, we took the opportunity during your vacation to prepare many new items for you, in new parts and in reuse parts. Regards, Guy Becelaere

New on the reuse parts site available throughout Europe.

Here you will find the list of machines that are being disassembled for sale on our site, along with the price. To enable you to buy spare parts of these machines, we thank you for sending us a photo of the identity of the machine you are looking for to buy reused parts. Send your photo to the e-mail addressto: with the description of the part you want to replace on your broken machine. This list is not exhaustive, but will be completed because  dismantling is occurrence. Dishwasher Siemens     SE55590/03    FD 8004 Washing machine LG              505KWHX00025 Samsung  WF710Y4BKW/EN Samsung  WF7602NAW Samsung  WFF81F5E5P4W Oven Bosch Oven HBN630N60F/04 Microwave Siemens Oven HF17556/02 FD 8111 Oven/m/o Miele M626 EG-ED

Solar enery: inverters

Hello dear customers, Following the shortages of electronic components for the manufacture of inverters, our principal informs us that they have decided to set up a stock of reconditioned inverters in Europe. This stock is currently being updated, and in the event that you need a replacement inverter, do not hesitate to contact us to make an offer for you for a refurbished inverter similar to the one you are using or that you wish to replace or make maintenance on your current inverter. We would like to receive your requests by email at by specifying, inverter: to be repaired, reconditioned or inverter to do general maintenance while giving the brand and the power in Kw of the inverter sought or reconditioned. Thanks , Guy Becelae

Spare part available for reuse!

For reuse, we have a cyclage motor available for Bosch-Siemens dishwascher at a price with 68% lower than a new one. Please check in reuse parts shop dischwascher Bosch-Siemens. There is only one cyclage set available at that price.   Pollution, inflation and waste, Following Covid-19, war in Europe and our wasteful society, the time has come to think about how to deal with high inflation and to take measures to reduce costs to the extent or via deliveries to you by orders placed via the Interne. All of this is currently perfectly possible.   By giving you the opportunity to acquire new parts via our site delivered home, this greatly reduces pollution because have you already calculated how much a trip by car really cost to acquire a part  often is not stock and you have to pick up when it arrives, It makes a total of 2 trips by car, plus the time wasted to get to the store and especially the kilometers traveled unnecessarily to find a parking space which often has to be paid for ! A new part delivered home at the price of €7.25 postage is more economical than running to the store.   A fortiori if you have the possibility of acquiring reuse parts with + - 50% price reduction, it is clear that there is no doubt and  this  largely contributes to countering the price increases that we are currently experiencing. This is why we have created  bringing together under one site new parts and reused parts at a reduced price. Please think about it and act accordingly for the future of our planet and your wallet. Yours

Project 2022.

Dear friends, acquaintances and customers, Among the turbulence of a lot of factors that affect global warming and in the hope of being able to curb it, it is high time to change our mentality of a society of waste. To do this, we wish to provide our customers with the free choice of having the possibility of repairing themselves or having them repaired by experienced personnel, but with reused spare parts or new equipment. Also, during the year 2022, we will gradually give you the opportunity to make this choice. On one side you have Waterloopartselectro new parts and on the other side Waterloopartselectro reused parts in the same site. If you enter through the reuse page and you find a reuse part that is suitable for restarting a machine, there is always a doubt between buying a reuse part or a new part. To help you make the right decision in full knowledge of the facts, by clicking on a function displayed in the page of reused parts visible on the site, this will allow you to display the same part but new with the possibility of comparing the time and the price. You can therefore compare and make the decision to choose between reused and new by comparing the price, the delivery time and in addition to comparing reused parts with new original parts or new replacement parts. Where are we: The availability of reused parts is topical. Tests to switch from a reused part to a new part without having to change site is functional. The photos that are on the reuse site are guaranteed to be in stock. If a reused part is sold, the stock adapts or displays "out of stock". We are working daily to present a greater quantity of reused parts and to digitally link them to new identical parts. Thank you for your reading and comments ,if you wish to send them to us at: Best regards, Guy Becelaere