Accessories for small household appliances

Dear clients Do not hesitate to search in New Spare Parts, online sales Just enter the numbers of your devices in the search and you will find: Vacuum bags, AEG, Bosch, Miele, etc. Accessories for vacuum cleaners, brushes, filters,…. Pod holders for your coffee machines Accessories for small household appliances Enjoy your visit to our site

Accu batteries for Dyson vacuum cleaner

967810-21 RECHARGEABLE LI-ION WITH SCREW                                                    71.95 € incl. VAT (shipping costs included) 967861-04 BATTERY DC45 SV TYPE B DISMANTLING BY SCREW                         75.45 € incl. VAT (shipping included) 967863-03 22,2V-1300MAH DYSON TYPE BATTERY WITH DISASSEMBLY BY PRESSURE BUTTON         85 € TTC (shipping costs included) 969352-07 25.2V-2600MAH BATTERY FOR LI-ION VACUUM WITH SCREW, V10 POWER           94.50 incl. VAT (shipping included) 967863-02 TYPE BATTERY WITH REMOVAL BY PRESS BUTTON                                                     € 78.10 incl. VAT (shipping included) 967863-04 14.8V-1300MAH LI-ION VACUUM BATTERY DC30                                                           74.20 € incl. VAT (shipping included) 969106-01 BATTERY PACK LI-ION 21.6V2400MAH                                                                                89.49 € incl. VAT (shipping included)   Charger for Dyson vacuum cleaner:   969155-12 WH charging current supply                                                                                             80.50 € incl. VAT (shipping costs included)   Offer valid from 04/06/20 to 16/06/20 at 12H00   Delivery time : Payment by PayPal delivery to your home 48 hours after receipt of your payment on the bank account Account to account payment 72 hours after receipt of your payment on the bank account   Except sale in the meantime   To order, send your order to our email:   Thank you   Guy Becelaere  

Dear visitors and customers,

Dear visitors and customers, Please note that the e-shop on-line, new & reused parts, is regularly supplied with new parts available & for reuse A regular visit to the site is recommended because, what you are looking for today, may be available tomorrow. Regarding new parts, there are 7.5 million parts permanently available with a delivery time depending on your payment method, i.e. Paypal in 48 hours after payment or from bank account to bank account in most cases in 72 hours maximum. Consignment has taught you not to move for everything or for nothing, remember that on de road it was going smoothly but since the relaxation of the consignment rules, traffic jams are coming up again as before. Best regards Guy Becelaere  


Hello, Here we are on 04/05/20 and all of us depends on the arrival or not of a second wave of contamination. To avoid this, let's respect and make scrupulously respect the instructions for progressive deconfinement. Guy Becelaere


Here we go again until 03-05-20 minimum. This is mainly due to the curve of hospitalized people which does not go down fast enough due mainly  to people who do not follow the confinement instructions enough. At the same time, we invite you to place your orders for parts and accessories for household appliances on our E-Shop site: Order on the site and pay, as soon as the account is credited, your order will be shipped for delivery in Belgium at the latest 48 hours after receipt of your payment. Key words to use when searching for new or re-used parts are: For large appliances: V and W belts, door security, drain pump, cycling pump, solenoid valves, pressure sensors, thermostats, CTN, flow meter, power card, timer, door lock, shock absorbers, porthole, porthole sleeve, hoses, hose water inlet, drain hose, seals, door handles. For small appliances: Accessories, vacuum cleaner filter, motor filter, vacuum cleaner hose, cable reel, power board, For multimedia; original or reconditioned ink cartridges. For athletes on an electric bicycle: factory reconditioning of the batteries. Rechargeable batteries for work tools: Li-Ion etc. Solar: photovoltaic panels, connections, charge and discharge regulators, rechargeable solar batteries, etc. Components: transistors, diodes, capacitors, resistors, triac, ICS, fuses General electricity: automatic fuses,  timer, differentials Take advantage of this period of confinement to get used to have the reflex for ordering online as this will help to reduce air pollution and unnecessary traffic jams and this even after  this confinement period. Best regards Guy Becelaere  


Since the instruction to stay at home as much as possible has not yet penetrated in the “COCO” for everyone and that the contamination curve has not yet declined, we must go on again for 2 weeks until 19-04-2020.   Therefore, we would like to point out that the site . is active day and night. You can order and have it delivered at home, We deliver: Vacuum bags, cables for : Hi-Fi, video and optical applications Parts to restore your household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, cooling and freezer) Parts for small household appliances. Electronic components. Solar panels and accessories for charge and discharge regulations.   Order through our site and pay on the site. After we have received your payment, you will get your order at home within 48 hours.   Take care of your health and the health of others by following the confinement as much as possible.   Best regards Guy Becelaere


News: covid-19 In an effort to spread covid-19 as low  as possible and to respect the intention and the attempt to keep a maximum of available hospital beds to effectively treat people actually affected by covid-19, we decided to stop our activity starting from Monday on the 16-03-2020 and this only for new calls and this until further notice. For troubleshooting that is in progress (waiting for parts or technical information) we suggest you to contact us on 02/351 01 82 to see how and when we can finalize the fixing of your machine. However, you can always order parts that are useful in your daily activity on our site (department new parts from our wholesaler provider) as long that his activity goes on. Home delivery 48 hours after receipt of your payment. Thank you for your understanding and your civility. Guy Becelaere  

Welcome to Hetty & Henry

Welcome to Hetty & Henry,   Spare parts and accessories are now available via our e-shop They are to be ordered via our new parts department from our wholesaler and delivery to you 48 hours after receiving your payment on our account Description: Since 1981, Hetty and Henry have become a popular vacuum cleaner couple. Not only because of their cheerful face, but especially because of their qualities: powerful, energy efficient and quiet. Best regards Guy Becelaere