Since the instruction to stay at home as much as possible has not yet penetrated in the “COCO” for everyone and that the contamination curve has not yet declined, we must go on again for 2 weeks until 19-04-2020.


Therefore, we would like to point out that the site . is active day and night. You can order and have it delivered at home,

We deliver:

Vacuum bags, cables for : Hi-Fi, video and optical applications

Parts to restore your household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, cooling and freezer)

Parts for small household appliances.

Electronic components.

Solar panels and accessories for charge and discharge regulations.


Order through our site and pay on the site. After we have received your payment, you will get your order at home within 48 hours.


Take care of your health and the health of others by following the confinement as much as possible.


Best regards

Guy Becelaere



News: covid-19

In an effort to spread covid-19 as low  as possible and to respect the intention and the attempt to keep a maximum of available hospital beds to effectively treat people actually affected by covid-19, we decided to stop our activity starting from Monday on the 16-03-2020 and this only for new calls and this until further notice.

For troubleshooting that is in progress (waiting for parts or technical information) we suggest you to contact us on 02/351 01 82 to see how and when we can finalize the fixing of your machine.

However, you can always order parts that are useful in your daily activity on our site (department new parts from our wholesaler provider) as long that his activity goes on.

Home delivery 48 hours after receipt of your payment.

Thank you for your understanding and your civility.

Guy Becelaere



Welcome to Hetty & Henry

Welcome to Hetty & Henry,


Spare parts and accessories are now available via our e-shop

They are to be ordered via our new parts department from our wholesaler and delivery to you 48 hours after receiving your payment on our account

Description: Since 1981, Hetty and Henry have become a popular vacuum cleaner couple. Not only because of their cheerful face, but especially because of their qualities:

powerful, energy efficient and quiet.

Best regards

Guy Becelaere


Dear cyclist with electric bike,

Reconditioning of rechargeable battery for:

Old Bion-X and other brands,

Since 28-05-2019 we are able to deliver rechargeable batteries reconditioned in a factory.

Example: Batteries (Bion-X) with 3 electric poles only!  Bion-x do not produce them anymore.

We can deliver these batteries in 3 several powers.

In 8.8 Ah (358 Wh)
In 11.6 Ah (472 Wh)
In 13.2 Ah (537 Wh)

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us via our email address:

Yours truly.

Guy Becelaere