For reuse: Bosch-Siemens dishwasher filter.


For reuse: Bosch-Siemens dishwasher filter.

It is part of the group of re-used parts of and is therefore in stock at Waterloo 1410.

It is therefore shipped from Waterloo 1410 by B post or by D.P.D. according to the address mentioned on the order form.

Shipping is done no later than 48 hours after receipt of your payment by bank transfer or secured PayPal.

The waste? Still a lot too much but it’s hard to get into the coconut!

This Bosch-Siemens dishwasher filter must be emptied of coarse residues after each program. The micro-filter should be cleaned once a week with a toothbrush. This will extend the life of the dishwasher.


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