For re-use: Original W Miele elastic belt 6PJ1320.


Original Miele elastic recycled belt 6PJ1320 4073282 Hochspannungsgepruft.

It is part of the group for the parts for re-use of and is in stock at Waterloo 1410.

It will be shipped from Waterloo 1410 by B-Post or by D.P.D. according to the address stated on the order form.

Shipment takes place no later than 48 hours after receipt of your payment via bank transfer or secure PayPal.

Using this belt for re-use minimizes waste but lowers costs in your wallet.

So it is a small improvement compared to the bad habits we have assimilated from marketing that encourages us to buy new ones as soon as a problem arises.

What is the advantage of buying a new dryer for one broken part? None!

Why put a new belt on a dryer that has been in operation for 5 years? This reused part will do just as well the job by reducing purchase costs by at least 50%.

The anti-waste, it’s a winner across the board!!


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