New: Solar case eclipse 100 W / 200 WATT Renogy.


New: ECLIPSE 100 W / 200 Watt solar case.


Solar cells made in Germany.

Corrosion resistant, adjustable aluminum bracket as well as a sturdy handle and latches.

Protective envelope.

Intelligent artificial.

Compatible with Lithium-ion, LiFePO4, LTO, Gel, AGM, Flooded and Calcium batteries.

The backlit LCD screen displays system operating information and error codes.

LED bar for easy to read charge status and battery information.

20A Integrated 5-stage solar charge controller provides overload protection and reduces the risk of fire.

Negative ground charge regulator for compatibility with motorhome, boat, trailer, etc.

Waterproof regulator for indoor and outdoor use.

It is part of the solar department “not connected to the sector” of Renogy.
Delivery is by drop shipping and your order is released upon receipt of your payment by transfer or secure PayPal. (Faster)

Be TURNED towards Sun, renewable energy!


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