Useful tip how to use correctly your washing machine.

Useful tip how to use correctly your washing machine.



The picture is the quickest tip for buying a new washing machine.
This is because a fully loaded washing machine does not wash, but only rinses the laundry. Other harmful reactions for the washing machine are: Abnormal wear on your shock absorbers, higher consumption to run the engine with the risk of blowing the engine’s electronic control card, a risk of tearing the window seal, breaking the return springs, breaking the hoses hardened by detergents.
You can compare it to your car
.Why don’t you get 10 persons in your car? Because you risk breaking the shock absorbers, you will consume significantly more fuel!
How to properly load a washing machine?
Whether it is a 5 or 8 kg washing machine, the way of loading is identical and very simple. You put your laundry in the washing machine and with the flat of your hand you  press reasonably on the top of the laundry. The height of the laundry must not exceed half the door of the washing machine.
Correctly loaded, your laundry will be well washed and properly rinsed and spun. Give it a try and you will notice that the washing and spinning result is significantly improved compared to an overfilled machine!
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