Project 2022.

Project 2022.

Dear friends, acquaintances and customers,

Among the turbulence of a lot of factors that affect global warming and in the hope of being able to curb it, it is high time to change our mentality of a society of waste.

To do this, we wish to provide our customers with the free choice of having the possibility of repairing themselves or having them repaired by experienced personnel, but with reused spare parts or new equipment.

Also, during the year 2022, we will gradually give you the opportunity to make this choice.

On one side you have Waterloopartselectro new parts and on the other side Waterloopartselectro reused parts in the same site.

If you enter through the reuse page and you find a reuse part that is suitable for restarting a machine, there is always a doubt between buying a reuse part or a new part.

To help you make the right decision in full knowledge of the facts, by clicking on a function displayed in the page of reused parts visible on the site, this will allow you to display the same part but new with the possibility of comparing the time and the price.

You can therefore compare and make the decision to choose between reused and new by comparing the price, the delivery time and in addition to comparing reused parts with new original parts or new replacement parts.

Where are we: The availability of reused parts is topical. Tests to switch from a reused part to a new part without having to change site is functional.

The photos that are on the reuse site are guaranteed to be in stock. If a reused part is sold, the stock adapts or displays “out of stock”.

We are working daily to present a greater quantity of reused parts and to digitally link them to new identical parts.

Thank you for your reading and comments ,if you wish to send them to us at:

Best regards,

Guy Becelaere

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